My DIY Door Mat

Link to Instagram Video (IGTV) of me making the Door Mat is at the end of this page…

Hey lovelies. If you’ve been following our Grizzle Abode instagram you’ll know that my plan is to do a DIY project for every month of 2020

This is JANUARY’S DIY Project- Our Grizzle Abode door mat.

It would be easier to do if you had a Cricut Maker, but seen as I don’t have a spare £320+ at the moment, I went old school with a printer and some card stock.

I created my design on Google Slides and adjusted the dimensions to 70×40 cm. The fonts I used were EB Garamond for GRIZZLE and Abril Fatface for ABODE.

I printed the design using the Poster option on Adobe Acrobat Reader

Once printed, I used sellotape to join all 6 pieces of paper together. I then used a glue stick to stick the paper to the card. If you’re printer can print straight on the card, even better!

I then covered the coir door mat with the Frogtape painters tape.

I used my cutting tool to cut the stencil out on top of the cutting mat.

I then placed the stencil on top of the door mat and cut the design out of the painters tape. Once cut, I removed the excess painters tape.

I used the paint sponge to paint 2 coats directly onto the door mat. I had to use a small brush to get to the hard to reach places and fill the gaps. Once dry, I used the sealant spray on top .

I waited for it to dry completely and removed the remaining painters tape.

And here is the finished product, my Grizzle Abode door mat

These are the products I used: