My Side Table Upcycle

You know I love a good upcycle project! Well, Ronseal got in touch with me about us working together for my last DIY project of 2020. A nice simple DIY to end this crazy crazy year!…

I picked our little ‘under the stairs’ side table to upcycle and I am so glad I took the plunge and changed the basic ivory.. I’m trying to be braver with my colour choices, so why not Ronseal’s Duck Egg Chalky Furniture paint.

I wanted duck egg painted on the table top and at the top of the legs, then I wanted natural wood in the centre of the leg and a pop gold spray paint at the end of the leg to add a pop of fun!

First off I sanded down the whole table in prep for the paint, and only sanded all the way down to the wood on the ends of the legs where I would be leaving the wood bare.

After a good wipe down with a sugar soap/ water mix, I got ready with my frog tape to create the different sections I wanted to paint. I also wanted the edge of the table top to remain natural wood so I taped that bit too.

Once the tape was in place I did my first coat of Ronseal’s Duck Egg paint. I kept doing coats until I could see the original paint showing through. Around 6 coats in certain places. I also spray painted the tip of the legs with 2 coats of metallic gold spray paint.

Once the paint and spray paint were fully dry, I removed the frog tape. It was now time to varnish the bare wood with Ronseal’s Ultra Tough Mattcoat clear varnish

And there we have it, my last and final DIY project for 2020. The start of more gold being added into our home!

The materials that I have used:

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