My Pink Ottoman Upholstery Project

Link to Instagram Video (IGTV) of me upholstering the ottoman is at the end of this page…

I am so happy to finally publish this post, it’s been a long time coming.

Back in June (2019) we helped Mr G’s brother and our sister-in-law move house and I came across a worn down ottoman that they were going to throw away. Well that’s when my imagination went crazy and I knew I wanted to take it home. Thank God my father-in-law was there to convince Mr G that it was a great idea and to also carry it down the many flights of stairs and put it in our car boot.

First I had to find the perfect fabric.

The lovely Fiona of @features_interiors was amazing and sent me samples of soft velvet in various colours. I did a poll on my Instagram stories and the blush pink ‘Petal’ colour won! I then ordered 4 metres (More than I needed, but just to be safe)

I needed to strip it down and see what I was working with. There were so many staples that it took a while to strip it down completely. I also had to take out all of the old buttons which wasn’t easy.

I then measured out and cut the fabric for the base. I pinned it in place before I made the first cut to make sure it would be cut correctly.

Then I began to wrap the base in the fabric and secured it in place with staples. You can also use spray adhesive to make sure it’s smooth.

I used spray adhesive and attached the foam topper to the wooden board.

Then I had to measure and mark where the buttons would go and also cut the holes down to the base

I had to wrap the wooden board and foam topper with the wadding, then I stapled it all in place. I cut and removed all of the excess wadding.

It was time to wrap the lid in the velvet material. I placed the velvet on top and used my finger to find the hole in the centre. One located, I hammered in the nail and washer. Then I used my glue gun to stick on the button I had made previously in the same velvet material.

I repeated this process for the rest of the buttons.

To finish off the lid, I wrapped the velvet material round the sides and stapled in place and added the stud strips. To neaten the base of the lid, you can attach lining material to hide all of your staples and the wood.

And here is it, my first ever Ottoman Upholstery Project. Let me know what you think.

The materials that I have used: