My Painted Door

Link to instagram Video (IGTV) of me painting our door is at the end of this page…

I am over the moon with how our front door has turned out. It’s the first change to our front porch and I cannot wait to make this entrance space to our home more ‘us’. The door was a lovely midnight blue colour, but I wanted the porch to be a reflection of our home interiors, so I needed to lighten it up.

First I had to clean the door with the sugar soap/ water mix to get rid of any dirt and grime that would interfere with the perfect finished look I was aiming for- I wanted it to look as professional as it could with my amateur paint skills. the ratio of sugar soap to water should be on the bottle. I then wipes the door down using a damp clean cloth and left it to dry.

Then I used my medium grit sandpaper to lightly sand the surface of the door so the paint would have a surface to grip to. Once sanded I used the damp cloth to wipe the door clean and left again to dry.

I used Frogtape to cover all of the hardware on the door and to protect the glass windows

I applied a little of the Frenchic paint to the oval brush and started painting. I made sure not to use too much paint and keep stroking until all the paint on the brush was used up. Light and fast strokes remove brush lines.

I let the door dry and then did another coat. You may need to wait between 30 mins to 2 hours between coats depending on the warmth of the room.

When the door was completely dry I removed all of the frogtape

And here it is, August’s DIY project; my DIY Frenchic Swanky Pants front door :

The materials that I have used: