My Garden Rockery

Link to Instagram Video (IGTV) of my rockery is at the end of this page…

I feel as though I am a official Quaranqueen- A woman taking this lockdown by the horns and achieving quite a bit 🙂

I honestly wasn’t even planning to refresh the rockery in the garden, but a late night impulsive shop at Asda resulted in me buying 3 bags of Cotswold stones and that’s where this journey began.

Before I started, I made sure I removed all the weeds and leftover stones that I could.

I pinned one corner of the weed control fabric first. This would anchor the fabric

I cut slits from the edge of the fabric to the plant. I placed the material either side of the plant and secured it with a peg

For the plants in the middle of the space I cut an X in the fabric and fed the plant through

Once the material was pinned all the way around, I cut the excess material away

Now it was time to put all of the stones in place

And here it is, our refreshed rockery

The materials that I have used: