My DIY Pink Footstool

Link to Instagram Video (IGTV) of me upholstering the ottoman is at the end of this page…

This little footstool was originally my mom’s, she gave it to my grandad and my grandad gave it to me. Bless him

My mom wants it back but it was filthy and didn’t match her interiors, so I’m fixing it up. If she wants a pink footstool she can have it , but I’m secretly hoping she says I can keep it.

For this project I was going to use the pink velvet fabric I used for my ottoman upholstery project. I was also going to sand and varnish the feet.

I used my drill to loosen the screws securing the feet to the body of the ottoman.

Once the feet were removed, I went on to remove the fabric and the leftover staples.

I didn’t measure, but I cut a portion of the fabric that would be able to wrap the body of the footstool

I used the spray adhesive and staples to secure the fabric in place

I then stapled the original base cloth back onto the under part of the footstool

It was now time to sort out the feet. I used my mouse sander to sand them back to the original wood

Once sanded, I wiped down with a damp cloth

I applied 3 coats of the Ash White Ronseal varnish and allowed it to dry for the recommended 1 hour between coats

Once they had been varnished, I put the fine grit sandpaper on the mouse sander and sanded it one last time

I screwed the feet back onto the completed body of the footstool

Last thing to do was to add the stud trim to the base

And here is it, my second ever Upholstery Project. Let me know what you think.

The materials that I have used: