What was I thinking?

Hey Lovelies...

Hopefully you’ve read my ‘Let me introduce myself’ post so you know a little bit about me, Mr G and this Grizzle Abode journey.. Unless you’re a family member, in which case you can skip that one!

So, why have I started a blog?

Ever since I started our instagram, earlier this year (May be to exact) I have enjoyed every minute of it. Who would have thought?

I started @grizzle_abode simply because I was getting asked all the time how the house renovations were going and I was scrolling through my camera roll constantly to show people the progress. This instagram has literally saved the time and effort I used explaining every stage of the journey! Phew!

What started as a bit of fun then turned into my new hobby! I couldn’t wait to post updates, add to my stories, do review videos on IGTV and find inspiration from so many other amazing home accounts. I’m sure I’ll share my favourites with you at some point.

Our instagram is over there doing its thing visualising everything, but this blog will be able to go a little deeper

I hope you will subscribe to this blog and follow this journey, because I would love to get to know you beautiful people

Love, Mrs G xxx